Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Showers

With the rain comes April, with parent conferences this week and last. We have so enjoyed getting to watch your learners grow this year and have lots to share with you!

Our class has been reading traditional tales, and thinking about "What makes a story worth sharing and handing down from generation to generation?".  Along the way we are reading many stories, fairy tales, legends, fables, tall tales, and pourquoi tales.  This past week, individuals chose one of their favorite tales to write a persuasive essay for.  The purpose is to convince the class and Ms Paul and I to pass their favorite story down to next year's class.

Through listening to and reading many stories and with the help of our guest storyteller, Ms. Lyons from the Greenfield Library, students have also begun to notice and evaluate elements in our favorite tales that they want to include in their own stories.  As persuasive writing winds down, story writing will become the focus of our work leading up to April break.  Your children will have some options for this assignment: 

  • Rewrite a tale they know in an orginal way. ( set in a different time or location, different kind of character)
  • Combine parts of two or three tales they know to write a new tale. (Twisted tale)
  • Create an original tale using the framework of a particular kind of traditional tale (fairy tale, how or why tale,)
To get ready for story writing, the students have read and listened to lots of tales, and even walked to the library!

This week they will be finishing their persuasive essays.  The purpose of the essay writing is to persuade Mrs. Paul and me to include a story they particularly love to hand down to next year's class.  They have been working so hard!  We are really proud of them!  

All the more reason to have lots of fun and relaxation next week!  Once we return from April break, story writing in full force, then June arrives Lickety split!

Mrs Boyden