Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Mystery!!!!!

January has arrived and we are off and running in the new year!  Today, Ms. Paul and I challenged our class to solve a mystery.  We decided not to tell our students what we would be studying next in science.  Instead, we challenged our students to figure it out!

We didn't leave them completely to their own devices, We gave them THREE CLUES:

  1. The first clue was to listen to the audio story called "The People of Beaver tail Hill".  It is a Native American Tale about the formation of Sugarloaf Mountain and the surrounding Valley.  LISTEN HERE  (from the link you can click on Real player or media player version of the story, if that doesn't work you can read it HERE)

  1. The second clue was to look at the following picture.  I told the children this is a picture of the road where I live,  The highway department was digging a drainage ditch to keep winter runoff from freezing in a sheet across a steep hill.  It could be very dangerous driving in the winter.
3.  Third groups of 4 children at a time rotated around the room to view sands from 5 different beaches with magnifiers.  

Last the students discussed the clues and what they think the answer to this puzzle is. ..   This is what the five groups came up with. . . WHAT DO YOU THINK?????????