Monday, February 8, 2016

February is Flying By!!!

With the first week of February already down, February break on the horizon, and snow days in between the month feels like it is already flying by!!!  Students have been working hard on long division and estimating to help solve long division problems.  They have also been reading, acting out and creating etchings of Greek Myths.  To wrap up our study of Myths, students are working on h a hero project, creating hero posters for a real or imaginary heros.  

Fourth grade jumped right in to Geology in January and last week we had a terrific field trip to the Beneski Natural History Museum!!  There, Fred Venne taught our students how to slow down and really observe the fossils in the museum.  (Fun Fact and connection to a previous lessons on Human Skeletal Structure:  The human skeletal structure is very similar to the structure of fossils we observed at the museum such as; The Saber Toothed Cat, Cave Bear, and Mammoth, who all share the same arm structure, for instance.  KIDS do you remember, "One bone, two bones, many bones, digits"?

Meanwhile back at school students spent a couple days circulating through our Geology science centers learning about different types of landforms, different types of rocks and minerals, and the effects of weathering and erosion.

Students have been trying their hand at poetry writing this month.  The class shared bits of their own writing to see how all those flowery, flowy winter words would sound together written on the white board.  Students were given a photo copy of this board photo to play with.  They cut and paste phrases and words to build their own poems.